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February 10, 2024

CLAN – A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team competition –

Prepare your team for this challenge, you are not alone!

Mark your calender, 10 February 2024

First team BJJ team event coming to The Netherlands, the first of many to come.

For the first time in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene in The Netherlands we will bring to you, the team competition setting. On February 10th in 2024 CLAN will be to stage for all BJJ teams who are ready to bring their best 5 competitors to prove they belong out there with the best.

In this new competition setup there will be a possibilty for both GI & NOGI teams to compete seperately in the same event.

Joining CLAN is very simple, you have to make a team of 5 competitors and register as individuals with the same team name.

At the first edition we will have the option for both adults (16-35 years) and masters (36 and older) to register with their team.

Unique in this concept as well, your team can be put together the way you want it too. This means that a team can contain both men and women.

Besides mixed teams, there will be a also the possibility to join with just a female team. In case there will be more female teams, we will make a female CLAN bracket.
NOTE: THIS IS ONLY FOR THE NOGI teams in this first edition.


We will use a round-robin with an elimination round for both GI & NOGI teams, this means all teams with have multiple fights during the event.


For both GI & NOGI we have maximum of 20 teams per division.



For the NOGI teams we will use a  QUINTET competition system.
This means you will have a team of 5 competitors. The starting line-up of your team can be different in each round. For the NOGI teams there will be a limit of 430 kg per team, all teams are free to fill this to how they see fit as long as it stay beneath the 430 kg.

In this QUINTET competition system one athlete from both teams will face each other. Once there is a winner in this match, the winner will stay on the mat and will face the next athelete from the other team.

This means that there is a possibily for a fighter to get a ‘clean sweep’, which means that he can win al 5 matches and therefore beating the opponents team.

Each match will be a 5 minute submission only round. If there is no subsmission during this 5 minutes, both athletes will go out and the two athletes next in line will face off.

Note: With the orginal QUINTET rules if a athlete lost his fight or both athletes did not submit one another they are eliminated from continuing in the event, this does no apply for CLAN. Each new round all teammembers can be lined-up again.


Fro the GI team we will use the AIGA competition system.
This means you will have a team of 5 competitors divided in 5 different weightclass divisions. The divisions are -65, -75, -85,-95 & +95kg.

In this AIGA competition system the line-up will be picked by the teamcaptains of both teams. They will roll a dice to declare who picks the first division, followed by them picking the division one after another until all 5 divisions are settled in the line-up.

Both teams will have a best of 5 kind of match-up with each other to determine who will win the round. This means that the pre-set line-up will be how the teams will match-up. Once a match has a winner or ends in a draw both athletes will step down and the next athletes will enter and so on until all 5 athletes have completed their match.

Each match will be a 5 minute round with points. If the match ends in a draw there will be no referee decision at the end.

When the round end is a draw, the team captains will roll the dice again to determine who will pick the next weight for a sudden-death round.


15-10-2023 00:00 until 04-02-2024 23:59

Registration fee: €200,- per team (€40,- per competitor)



  • ADCC ruleset according to the submissions


  • IBJJF ruleset according to the submissions

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February 10, 2024
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Nijmegen, Netherlands
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