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June 09, 2024

Polaris Pro Am South West Open

Compete at the FIRST! Polaris Pro Am Event the South West Open, June 9th 2024, Yate Leisure Centre

Welcome to the FIRST Polaris Pro Am Event. The Polaris Pro Am Events are run under the Polaris Modified Grand Prix Rule Set.


Bout Duration: 6 minutes.

Method of victory: Submission, Points or Referee Decision in case of draw

1 point each awarded for:


Pass guard

Back control (including body triangle)



Illegal Methods / Movements – All Divisions

Eye gouging or fish hooking.

Grabbing fingers, ears, hair, toes.

No posting on faces / necks, and no one-handed windpipe grip (around entire neck is OK, but not for posting)

Slamming from above the knee height of the person doing the lifting to escape a submission or position (high amplitude throws / takedowns will not be penalised)

No Jumping Closed Guard

Novice Division Additional Rules

No Leg Locks apart from straight footlock (RE Toe Holds, Aoki Lock, Estima Lock, Knee Bar, Heel Hooks, Calf Slicer)

No Spinal Locks (RE Twister, Can Opener)

Single competitor stalling: 

Referee notices stalling and starts stalling timer.

30 seconds of stalling = official warning

Next 30 seconds of stalling = other competitor can choose dominant position (BACK, SIDE CONTROL, MOUNT)

If both competitors are stalling:

Referee notices stalling and starts stalling timer.

30 seconds of stalling = official warning

Next 30 seconds of stalling =

– If the stalling is taking place on the ground, both competitors will be forced to stand

– If the stalling is taking place standing, both competitors will be forced to start in the combat base position half a metre apart

If both competitors are warned for stalling but then only one competitor continues to stall, then conditions revert to ‘single competitor stalling’ guidelines

In a “one up one down” situation eg one competitor in seated guard, one competitor trying to pass, the competitor who is moving backwards will be considered the one who is stalling.

All stalling calls are reset once the athlete or athletes stop stalling.

Further details / Clarifications 

Pulling guard must be initiated with contact first.

Stalling – Failing to advance position or initiate serious attempts to finish or score points.

Loss of position while actively attacking a submission will not result in a point for the opponent. For example if you sit back for a footlock from standing position against a supine opponent, and the opponent comes up as a response to the attack, the opponent will not receive a point for the sweep.

Standing from double guard pull will not be rewarded with a point for a sweep.

Takedown – Must put the opponent’s back or side or butt on the mat and keep the top position for 3 seconds. Alternatively if the opponent turtles, or goes to their knees to avoid the takedown, if competitor instigating the takedown switches to a behind the hip control position in a continuous movement the takedown points will be awarded.

Pass Guard – Must pass the opponent’s legs and stabilise a control position unimpeded for 3 seconds.

Back Control Including Triangling the Legs – Must have either both hooks in or legs triangled for 3 seconds, with control of the upper body.

Mount and Back Mount – Mounted position with legs clear, opponent can be face up or face down.

Sweep – Any sweep from any guard resulting in a change of position from bottom to top of the person doing the sweep, and stabilising for 3 seconds.

Reversals (from under a dominant position or in when a submission) are not counted as points.

No advantages given for close attempts or positions that are lost or not secured due to scrambles.

Referee setup

Main referee on mat area

Competitors have either red or blue wristbands

Referees have both

Main referee’s job is to signal points using appropriate wristband

If the match is a draw, the referee will signal which is the winner by raising either blue or red armband.

Points signalled by main ref raising the hand of the appropriate corner in the air and pointing one finger upwards.

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Sunday, June 9
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Yate Leisure Centre
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