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August 04, 2024

Submission Pit Sub Only

Submission Pit Sub Only: August 04, 2024


Submission Pit will be hosting a NoGi Sub Only grappling competition in which there can only be 1 winner by submission in each division, EBI overtime rules apply. Medals for the winner of each division shall be awarded and a trophy given to the team with the most submissions. From April 10th a £20 Early registration fee will apply and end on 10th of May. From May 10th a normal registration fee of £25 will apply until our closing registration date 29th July, midnight. Upon reaching the maximum number of athletes, registrations will be closed in advance.


– All matches are 6 minutes in length.

– No points, advantages or interruptions.

– No strikes or slams.

– Mouthguards are required

– These techniques are not legal: neck crank, twister, heel hook, scissor takedown.

– Submission is the way to win. When either competitor taps the match is over.

– If there is no submission then it goes to EBI overtime rules.

– Warnings shall be given for stalling during the match by the referee.

EBI Rules

– EBI Overtime (1 round minimum/3 rounds maximum)If there is no submission after the regulation time limit, each competitor will have the chance to try to submit their opponent as fast as they can, while the other has a chance to escape. There will be a coin toss to determine which competitor will choose if they are starting on offense or defense.

– The competitor on offense gets to choose if they want to start in back control or armbar. Offense options:

• Back control with a seatbelt grip (grip must be in the middle of the opponent’s chest). The defensive competitor may only secure his grips in a “pull up” fashion on the offensive competitor’s arms, but cannot sneak his or her hands inside the offensive competitor’s grips. Competitor on defense must sit up with perfect posture and may not lean forward or sideways until the referee officially starts the OT round.

• Armbar with one arm fully threaded in and holding the armbar, and the other hand on the mat. Competitors must be lined up perpendicularly with the competitor on defense flat on his back with his feet planted flat on the floor. The defensive competitor can only choose a figure four (aka “rear naked choke grip”) defense, or a gable grip (aka “palm to palm grip”). No other grips allowed at the start of spider web OT.

– If there is a submission in the top of the round, the competitor who was submitted needs to secure a submission faster than he or she was submitted.

– If there is a submission in the bottom of the round, the competitor who achieved the submission wins the match (since the other competitor was unable to submit their opponent in the top of the round).

Always keep escaping, even if you think you’re clear, keep escaping until the referee calls time. If competitor on defense thinks he’s out and makes gestures to the referee to stop the action, that means the escape is NOT complete. Keep escaping keep moving until the referee is clear that an escape has been achieved.


Submission Pit will be offering medals to the Competitor with the most submissions of their division. Submission Pit will also be awarding a trophy to the Team with the most submissions of the day. There shall be a podium for each winner to take photos. Medals shall be awarded to the winner after each fight. The Team Trophy shall be awarded at the end of the day, so if your bringing your team along to win that trophy, please wait until the end of the day for the results of the winner.

–  Medal for the Best Male Grappler Of Their Division

–  Medal for the Best Female Grappler Of Their Division

– Trophy for the team with the most submissions


The weigh-in takes place the day of the event. Every athlete can complete the process directly on competition location anytime up to at least 60 minutes before their own scheduled division begins.


– Competitors finger and toe nails should be trimmed short before competing.

– Long hair should be tied up before and during your match.

– Competitors presenting skin lesions shall be directed to the medical staff. The medical staff has the final say on whether to allow an athlete to compete or not.


–   Competitors have to wear compression shorts, Leggings or board shorts without pockets. Spats can be worn under the shorts if selected. Attached metal or plastic of any kind is expressly forbidden. Athletes cannot compete shirtless or wearing a loose shirt of any kind.

–   Use of any foot gear, head gear, hair pins, jewelry, cups (genital protectors) or any other protector fashioned of hard material is forbidden. Also forbidden is the use of head wear, be it bandages, hoods or an elastic cap.


white belt

Blue Belt

Purple Belt

Brown belt

Black Belt


– Adult +18 yrs: -60kg/-65kg/-70kg/-76kg/-83kg/-91kg/-100kg/+100kg

– Masters +30 yrs: -60kg/-65kg/-70kg/-76kg/-83kg/-91kg/-100kg/+100kg


– Adult +18 yrs: -50kg/-55kg/-60kg/-65kg/-70kg/+70kg

– Masters +30yrs: -55kg/-60kg/-65kg/-70kg/+70kg

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Sunday, August 4
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