As the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship 2 unfolds its mats, a cohort of elite European grapplers prepares to showcase their skills on the grand stage. Set to kick off on January 19th at the iconic Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi, this grappling extravaganza promises to be a riveting spectacle for grappling enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s meet the European gladiators stepping onto the canvas:


Bruno Lima

Bruno Lima, the Portuguese powerhouse, enters the main event with a stellar record of conquering numerous prestigious titles. His opponent, Manuel Ribamar, a Brazilian grappler with an impressive track record, is set to clash in a battle of giants.



Ffion Davies

Hailing from Wales, black belt sensation Ffion Davies boasts an impressive collection of victories, including Gi and No-Gi world championships in IBJJF, ADCC, and other top-tier events. Her opponent, Luana Pinheiro, a Brazilian MMA fighter ranked #10 in the UFC, promises a clash of titans.



Espen Mathiesen

Norway’s Espen Mathiesen, a decorated grappler with medals from world-class tournaments, is geared up for action. Facing off against Pablo Lavaselli from Argentina, another force in global competitions, this promises to be a contest of sheer skill and determination.



Shay Montague

Scotland’s Black belt sensation, Shay Montague, emerges as a rising star in the grappling universe. In the arena, she faces off against Omar Alsuwaidi from the United Arab Emirates, setting the stage for an international showdown.



Matúš Arpáš

Matúš Arpáš, an MMA fighter and BJJ Brown belt from Slovakia, steps into the ADXC arena. His opponent, Ahmed Amir, an accomplished MMA fighter from Egypt, promises an electrifying clash of styles.



Witness this epic showdown LIVE at TX7 Sports. Stay tuned for a night of grappling brilliance, as these European fighters aim for glory in the heart of Abu Dhabi.