Are you looking for a perfect blend of vacation and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training? Look no further! BJJ camps offer an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of BJJ while enjoying picturesque locations across Europe. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting your BJJ journey, these camps cater to all levels and provide an unforgettable experience.

Back to Basics Bansko BJJ Camp with Robert Nestor

August 3 – August 7

For an intimate learning experience, this camp in Bulgaria is limited to 15 participants. Focus on fundamental techniques and enjoy social activities and excursions throughout the camp.

BJJ & Beach Camp with Lucas Lepri in Protaras

August 3 – August 8

Experience the beautiful island of Cyprus while training with World Champion Lucas Lepri. Join a diverse group of practitioners for 11 two-hour classes in both gi and nogi.

Ethan Crelinsten Back Attack Camp in Leuven

August 14 – August 19

Embark on a transformative BJJ journey at the Ethan Crelinsten Back Attack Camp in Leuven, Belgium. Unlock your potential with a unique focus on attacking the back and enhancing your positioning and strangle arm techniques. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the picturesque city of Leuven.

Lachlan Giles & Craig Jones Iceland Camp

August 14 – August 18

Train with world-renowned instructors Lachlan Giles and Craig Jones in the breathtaking landscapes of Reykjavik, Iceland. Prepare for twice-daily training sessions and soak in the beauty of this unique destination.

Best Practice 4 Camp in Stockholm

August 29 – September 2

Perfect your nogi skills in this camp, which includes 15 classes, offering you comprehensive training and preparation for the upcoming nogi competition season.
Led by a lineup of skilled instructors including Tommy Lilleskog Langaker, Tarik Hopstock, Max Lindblad, Santeri Lilius, Rose El Sharouni, Karl Pegers, Liam Alpäng, Astrid Schölin, and Anders Svalsten.

Olympus BJJ Summer Camp in Paralia Katerini

August 31 – September 3

Immerse yourself in Greek culture and train with highly skilled instructors twice daily. Savor the local cuisine and explore the Greek seaside, with an epic trip to the hidden waterfalls of Mount Olympus.

Karkonosze Summer Camp in Szklarska Poręba

August 31 – September 3

Join top-notch instructors, including Bruno Lima and Oscar Gugala, in the heart of the iconic Karkonosze mountains in Poland for quality gi and nogi training. Indulge in spa facilities and daily outdoor activities amidst breathtaking scenery.

Take the opportunity to elevate your BJJ skills, explore stunning destinations, and connect with a passionate community of practitioners. Experience the joy of vacationing while training with world-class athletes, forging lifelong memories on and off the mats.

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