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November 18, 2023

Scottish Grappling proudly presents the Edinburgh BJJ Open which will take place at Meadowbank Sports Centre Edinburgh on 18th November

The event will be contested under standard IBJJF rules however will use UAEJJF match times (5 minutes for white belts & masters, seniors and veterans, 6 for all coloured belt adult divisions) .

This event is capped at 300 competitors.

Spectator and coach passes can be found here


We will once again be running both Gi and No-Gi divisions for kids, juveniles, adults, masters, seniors & veterans!

The gi competition is open to all belt divisions.

No gi divisions are by BJJ rank or time served. If you train at a Gi school then follow the BJJ Belt (taking into account the other restrictions mentioned e.g. no black belt judoka, fighters who have fought either pro or amateur mma or national level wrestlers in white belt divisions), otherwise it’s time served.

Pricing: –

Adult, Masters & Seniors (Male & Female)
Early bird £50 for one division, £60 for 2 Divisions (runs until 12th of August)
Normal Registration £60 for one division, £70 for 2 divisions (runs until 16th of September)
Late Registration £70 for one division, £80 for 2 divisions (runs until close of entries on 4th of November)

Juniors & Juveniles
Early Bird £40 for one division, £50 for 2 divisions (runs until 12th of August)
Normal Registration £50 for one division, £60 for 2 divisions (runs until 16th of September)
Late Registration £60 for one division, £70 for 2 divisions(runs until close of entries on 4th of November)

Absolutes will run for gi and no gi divisions. Cost is £10 . Winners will receive a replica medieval weapon.

The divisions are: –

White belt (or less than 18 months experience, IBJJF white belt rules, 5 minute matches)

Blue belt (or between more than 18 months and less than 36 months experience, IBJJF blue belt rules, 6 minute matches)

Purple belt (or those who have grappled for more than 36 months but less than 60 months uses IBJJF , 6 minute matches)

Brown Belt (or more than 5 years grappling experience but less than 8, IBJJF brown belt rules , 6minute matches)

Black Belt ( or more than 8 years grappling experience, IBJJF black belt rules, 6 minute matches)

There will be Masters divisions for all competitors aged between 30 and 39 inclusive and a Seniors division for competitors who are aged over 40. Veterans divisions are for competitors over 50. All white belt , masters and seniors matches are 5 minutes long. All other matches are 6 minutes long.

All no gi divisions will take place in the morning/ early afternoon of the event. Weigh-ins will be immediately before your first match. If you make weight for your no gi division you will not have to weigh-in subsequently. Gi divisions will take place from mid afternoon, for those who did not compete in gi weigh-in will again be immediately before your first match. All weigh-ins will be conducted without the gi but gi checks will take place prior to your first gi match.

All weights as per IBJJF, all competitors must make weight on our scales. There are no allowances given.

Please note that divisions of less than 4 people will only run at the discretion of the organisers and may either be combined with the next highest weight category or moved down in age group automatically in the event of seniors entries.

Also Judo black belts,  MMA fighters (all levels) and those who have wrestled at a national level are ineligible to compete at white belt and must enter at blue belt minimum for gi and for no gi regardless of BJJ grade.

All divisions will be run on a single elimination basis.

We are also offering a team trophy for the team which tops the team points standings and an academy trophy for the best individual academy.

Closing date for all entries will be midnight on Saturday the 4th of November no entries will be accepted after this point and initial brackets will be available by no later than Monday November the 6th

Competitors can use the Smoothcomp system to make a change in weight division up until midnight on Wednesday the 15th of November. No changes in division will be considered after this date and any competitor who fails to make weight on the day will be disqualified without any possibility of refund. All payments must be made via Smoothcomp ahead of the event.

Please note, refunds will be given in the form of future event credit only for athletes who withdraw prior to the closing date for entries. There will be no form of refund for any athlete who withdraws after this date. Any athlete who has no-one in their division will be moved at the organizers discretion to the nearest category in either age or weight. In the event this is not possible a full refund will be given, either in the form of the entry fee or future event credit.

Respect Rule

This event has a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behavior by coaches, parents/guardians, spectators and competitors.

All in attendance must show some restraint when their students or team mates are fighting. There will be competitors and spectators of all ages at this event and we are here to set an example.

Any swearing, inappropriate gestures, violence (towards person or property) or berating the officials (regardless of any decisions they make) will not be tolerated.

If this happens, the referee/organiser has the right to disqualify that competitor, or to ask the person concerned to leave the area. If those concerned do not comply with the referee/organisers request the competitor will be disqualified from the event.

If a coach, parent or team mate encroaches onto the mat, or past any barriers that are in place, or man handles an official in any way, that person will be asked to leave the venue and the whole team may not be permitted to take any further part in the competition

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November 18, 2023
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Meadowbank Sports Centre
London Rd
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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