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March 16, 2024

Wellcome to the Glíma Team tournament Submission only team- tournament with cash price money!


Glíma is a Team grappling tournament like Quintet. The Team wins a match, not the individual.
Matches consist of two teams of three facing each other in a “winner stays on” elimination format.
Matches begin with one fighter from each team competing. This is called a “round”. When a submission is scored, the round is over and the defeated fighter is out of the match. The winning fighter, faces the next member of the opposing team in a new round. Rounds are 5 minutes long.
The match continues, until one team is completely eliminated.
The referee can call a stalling penalties if an athlete is playing for a draw and not advancing position. Three penalties is a disqualification and the fighter is eliminated from the match.
A round will be ruled a draw if there is no finish in the allotted time (both fighters are eliminated)
In case of of tie breakers in the last round, the fighter with fewest stalling penalties wins. in case that is a tie the fighters in the last round move to a single EBI overtime.

We’ll have 3 divisions – White belt, Blue belts or Purple and above

Each team can have a combined weight of 240kg.
Round robin team divisions.
Submission-Only 5 minute matches
Winner stays in, looser leaves the mat
In case of a draw, both leave the mat
In case om a draw in the last match, an EBI overtime will be in affect.
The wining team gets 300dkr in winnings pr. team in the division

QUINTET is a Team grappling tournament. The Team wins a QUINTET match,

Practical stuffs

White belt or 0-1½ years grappling/mma/bjj/wrestling/judo/sambo
Blue belt or 1½-4 years grappling/mma/bjj/wrestling/judo/sambo
Purple belt or 4+ years grappling/mma/bjj/wrestling/judo/sambo

Weigh in is from 10-10:30. If you miss weight you automagically forfeit one of your teammembers and participate as a two person team.

Please come in clean tight fitting clothes without any zippers, pockets, hoodies or anything that could injure you or your opponent.

Upper body: Long sleeve, short sleeve or bare chest allowed
Lower body: Spats, shorts, spats & shorts or compression shorts allowed
Underwear required
Gi pants not allowed
No cups allowed

Bredskiftevej 20 kld 8210 Aarhus v(Underneath Tesla)

300 DKK upon signup

if event is cancelled refund will be available

illegal teqniques:
For everyone: Spiking your opponent on the head, slams, scissor takedowns, punching, biting or scratching
for white belts heel hooks, toe holds, knee bars, wristlocks, spinelocks or neck cranks without a choke, to make this a safe and fun experience for everyone.
For blue belts, Neck cranks without a choke and spine-locks.
For purple and above, all submission allowed.

where do you sign up?
Well, right here:

Still not sure how this Format works?
You can see a 8 min video explaining the format here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dduS7wiijeMSe mindre

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Saturday, March 16
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Aarhus Fight Academy
Bredskiftevej 20
Aarhus, Denmark
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