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Jiutopia BJJ Summer Camp

June 19, 2024 - June 25, 2024

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JIUTOPIA CAMP 2024 : The magic continues for the 4th year in Halkidiki with top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors!

Jiutopia Camp 2024 will take place from June 19th to 25th at Armenistis Camping & Bungalows in the area of Sithonia in Halkidiki.

What is included?

🥋Full week training camp

🏝️Beautiful location by the beach

🚌Transportation to/from camp from the airport and the city

👨‍🏫20+ classes from world class BJJ instructors

🧘‍♀️Daily Yoga

🤼‍♂️Open mat all day

🎉Beach parties

🏐Epic games

😎Vibrant community

👨‍👩‍👧Activities for children


Who is this for?

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and their beloved ones, in all ages and ways of life!

We are all about the experience, meeting new people and creating unforgettable memories



This camp is gonna be in a paradise-like setting, with the by the lush greens of northern Greece, easy access to crystal-clear waters and the best beaches.

It will serve as a our haven for over 200 Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts from across the globe, providing ample mat space for everyone from beginners to seasoned masters.

“Best Camp I’ve attended! Instructors are always handpicked and fantastic and the customer service is second to none!
Edo and his crew always give their best to make sure you have the perfect experience🤙🤙”


Armenistis’ facilities ensure a high-quality stay and are easily accessible from all areas of the campsite.
hese are the facilities at the camp: Doctors office, valuables storage, parking, luggage storage, showers, WC, washing machines barbecue areas, courts etc.

Safari Tents: For those looking for an adventurous and closer-to-nature experience, the camp provides safari tents that can accommodate multiple people. These tents are a unique option for attendees wishing to embrace the outdoor spirit of the camp.

Sea View Caravans: Offering stunning views of the sea, these caravans are perfect for participants who appreciate waking up to the sight of the water and enjoying the serene beauty of Chalkidiki’s beaches. They provide a comfortable and picturesque lodging experience.

Standard Mobile Homes: For attendees seeking a more conventional accommodation option, the camp offers standard mobile homes. These homes are equipped with essential amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Luxury Options: For those who prefer a bit more comfort and privacy, there are luxury accommodation options available, including mobile homes designed specifically for couples, providing a cozy and intimate setting.


This comprehensive camp features over 20 BJJ seminars led by world-class instructors, catering to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners.Dive deep into techniques, strategies, and the finer points of BJJ, all while enjoying daily yoga sessions to enhance your flexibility, balance, and mental well-being.


The camp’s open mat sessions provide ample opportunity for practice, sparring and fostering a collaborative and enriching learning environment.Beyond the mats, Jiutopia is a place of community and friendship, set against the backdrop of Greece’s breathtaking landscapes, making it not just a training camp but a memorable journey.



Elevating Jiu Jitsu Mastery with Our Distinguished Instructors. Join us for a dynamic experience where expertise meets passion on the mats!

– Rosa Walsh
– Gabriela Ripepi
– Daniël de Groot
– Alex Pereira
– Valmyr Neto
– Phidias Theodosiou



Enjoy a wide variety of dining options, including access to a restaurant and a supermarket inside the camp, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the local cuisine or find familiar comforts during their stay.

This blend of exceptional accommodations, sunshine, beaches, and culinary delights makes Jiutopia a perfect paradise-like setting for a summer escape.

All accommodation types also has it’s own kitchen if you fancy sharing some national dish from your home country with your new friends!

“I was on Jiutopia’s winter camp in Poland, 2024, and it was amazing. The camp had really good instructors, providing a perfect mix of advanced and beginner classes that catered to all. Really cool facilities set the stage for a magical experience. The highlight, however, was the incredible sense of community. I got new friends not only with the instructors but also with the organizers and other camp attendees. As a beginner, I felt embraced and learned a lot, leaving with lasting friendships and a wish to return.”

Proffesional Photography

At the camp, a professional photographer will capture your most memorable moments throughout the camp.These high-quality photos will be shared with all participants via Google Drive after the camp, allowing you to relive the experience and share it with friends and family.

This added perk ensures that your training, fun, and unique moments in Chalkidiki’s stunning setting are beautifully documented without you needing to worry about taking pictures yourself.

Social Activities

Participants can look forward to beach parties and games, creating a fun and relaxed environment for everyone.

Additionally, the camp is near attractions offering excursions, trips to explore the stunning sights of Chalkidiki, and water sports for an adventurous experience.

These activities are designed to foster camaraderie, allowing you to form lasting relationships and enjoy a truly memorable summer escape alongside your training sessions.


Families are welcome too!

Holidays in Armenistis for children are full of games, relaxation and a wealth of experience, through a programme of activities designed exclusively for them.A large playground, children’s films screenings in the outdoor cinema, performances designed for children, creative activities, workshops, treasure hunting and many other activities will fill the summer days and nights of our young visitors!Armenistis is an ideal campsite for children as it offers holidays that children will cherish forever!


We offer convenient transportation options to ensure a smooth start and end to your camp experience. On the first day, 19th of June, 2024, transportation will be available from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki at 11:00 AM and from Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia at 12:00 PM, directly to the camp.

For your departure, on the last day, June 25, 2024, transportation will be leaving from the camp at 3:00 PM directly to Thessaloniki Airport, and those who want a ride to the city, the last stop will be the city center.


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Wednesday, June 19
Tuesday, June 25
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