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Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2023

October 25, 2023 - October 30, 2023

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Are you ready for a breathtaking experience in paradise? Look no further than the BJJ and Yoga Festival in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The Hotel Gran Melia de Mar has been exclusively booked for the festival and will feature 5 days and nights of BJJ and yoga seminars. With 5 BJJ seminars and 7 yoga classes per day, this camp is perfect for you, whether you want to solely train BJJ, focus on your yoga practice, or curate your own combination of the two! All of this takes place alongside the warm, crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea.


What’s included

  • 5-Star Hotel on the Mediterranean Sea
  • 5 nights accommodation. EVERY room has an AMAZING sea view!
  • Breakfast every morning – 5-star restaurant-quality buffet
  • 5 BJJ seminars (90 mins) per day plus 2 open mats per day
  • Yoga classes – average of 7 classes per day
  • Wim Hof Method seminars and Ice baths
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  • Freediving – seminars and dives every day
  • Opening night Paella dinner fiesta. (Seafood, and Vegan options)
  • Closing night dinner fiesta with local seafood, vegetarian BBQ, and Spanish tapas
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options available
  • Exclusive access to the Hotel – lounges, theaters, restaurants, pools, private beach and more


Instructors – 6 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors

Roger Gracie
IBJJF & ADCC Hall of Famer

Roger Gracie is a 10 time IBJJF World champion. He is the grandson of the founder of the art, Carlos Gracie. Son of Mauricio Gomes and Reila Gracie. The Gracie family has been the driving force in the growth of Jiu Jitsu and the revolution in the martial arts around the world. Main Achievements:

10 x IBJJF World Champion
2 x IBJJF Pan American Champion
2 x IBJJF European Open Champion
2 x ADCC Submission Fighting World Champion
ADCC Superfight Champion
ONE Light Heavyweight World Championship

Mauricio Gomes
8th Degree White and Red Belt

Mauricio Gomes is a holds the rank of 8th degree White and Red belt. He is the founder of the first Gracie Barra franchise in the United Kingdom, and has been training and teaching BJJ for over 50 years. He is one of only six people promoted to black belt by Rolls Gracie, who is considered a legend in the sport. Gomes is also the father of Roger Gracie, who is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished Jiu Jitsu competitors of all time.

Clark Gracie
2018 IBJJF World Champion

Clark Gracie is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and member of the Gracie family. He is the grandson of Carlos Gracie, one of the founders of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and the first eldest son of Carley Gracie, the father of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the United States. He is known for his signature omoplata finish, which earned him the Submission of the Year award from the World Jiu Jitsu Expo in 2013. Clark is considered one of the most active competitors from the Gracie lineage.

1st Place IBJJF Pans Championship (2013)
1st Place IBJJF World Championship NoGi (2018 Master 1)
1st Place UAEJJF US National Pro (2015)
1st Place UAEJJF Grand Slam, TYO (2015)
1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2010)
2nd Place IBJJF World Championship NoGi (2012)
3rd Place IBJJF World Championship (2011)
3rd Place IBJJF Pans Championship (2011)

Daniel Strauss
Black Belt under Roger Gracie

Daniel Strauss (aka “The Raspberry Ape”) is a Jiu Jitsu Black belt known for putting a big emphasis on strength and conditioning. He is an active and successful competitor with many achievements at the highest level of the competitive scene: Notable Achievements:

IBJJF No-Gi European Champion
British and English Champion (Black Belt)
NAGA elite European Champion
Number one ranked Black Belt by the UKBJJA
ADCC, Polaris, EBI and Quintet Veteran
He has tournament organization and has been teaching BJJ for 15 years.

Liló Asensi
3rd Degree Black Belt

Lilo is from Spain and for the past several years she has been teaching at Artesano Fight Sport Academy in Hamburg, Germany. An experienced competitor with many medals at high level tournaments, she is an amazing BJJ instructor and currently is active on the competition scene as a referee. Lilo is the first female to earn a BJJ Black Belt in Spain.

Ross Nicholls
Owner & Head Coach at London Grapple

Ross Nicholls is a black belt under professors César Lima and Roger Gracie. He is a top competitor at the British and European scenes and well known for his achievements at major international events such as the Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational and the ADCC European Trials.

Yoga Instructors

Tom Duquesnoy
Yoga And Meditation Teacher

Tom is a French yoga and meditation instructor who centers his practice around awakening to and celebrating the present moment. He experienced a profound awakening in 2018 while competing as an MMA fighter in the UFC’s bantamweight division under the nickname Fire Kid,which referred to his youthful appearance and explosive fighting style. After this awakening, Tom underwent a transformation and delved into the teachings of renowned philosophers and yogis such as Spinoza, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta Maharaj, among others. He developed a yoga and meditation practice that involved up to 8 hours of daily meditation and contemplation on happiness during nature walks. While Tom still enjoys teaching and training in various aspects of MMA, he felt his heart drawn to a new path. He now shares his practice from his residence in Goza, Malta.

Mary Bruce
Yoga Teacher And Educator

Mary Bruce, a widely adored yoga teacher and educator, creates a sacred atmosphere and fosters a sense of mindfulness among her students. She has been studying Sri Vidya Tantra in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters since 1998, based in Phoenix, Arizona. After completing over 2000 hours of training, she attained the highest level of certification and is now recognized as one of the most prominent female teachers in the tradition. For more than 17 years, she has been leading Teacher Training Programs worldwide, renowned for her ability to convey transformative teachings with compassion and clarity. Mary Bruce is also a certified I AM Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Restorative Teacher (certified by Judith Lasater) and has expertise in the application of Universal Alignment principles, which makes her classes and training unique and well-rounded

Jelena Lieberberg
Yogainstructor, Writer, Naturopath, and Speaker

At the age of 12, Jelena began practicing yoga using a Croatian book from her mother. She later worked as a presenter for German television and toured as a singer before taking her first yoga teacher training in 2009. Since then, Jelena has been teaching yoga and currently resides in Berlin as a Yoga instructor, writer, Naturopath, and speaker. She offers workshops and personal training sessions all over Europe, incorporating her unique and dynamic KICK ASS YOGA style. Jelena’s first book introducing her style was published in 2017. After completing her Naturopathy training in 2012, Jelena discovered the Dorn/Breuss method, Tibetan Massage, and Hypno-Therapy, which led her to a more holistic path.

Lou Stokes
Yoga And Meditation Teacher

Lou was born in London and currently resides in Madrid, where she is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher. Her yoga journey began in 2010 when she trained in 26 + 2 (bikram series) with Evolation Yoga in New York, USA. She then went on to study Ananda meditation in Sierra Nevada, California and trained with Jorge Cabellos in Vinyasa yoga. Lou traveled through Asia, experimenting with different modalities of yoga and meditation, and even lived in a Buddhist monastery for a period of time. She has lived, worked, and trained in Australia, Asia, the US, and Europe. Lou currently teaches yoga in Madrid and is also a Style & Confidence Coach.

Jamie Ray
Full-time Yoga Teacher

Jamie is a full-time yoga teacher at some of the best studios in London and also offers private one-to-one sessions. His teaching style is centered around vinyāsa flow with an emphasis on breathing. Jamie’s instruction is designed to be accessible and easy to follow, making it perfect for both new and experienced students. In addition to teaching yoga, he provides wellness coaching services in-person and online, with a strong focus on helping people lead happy and energized lives. This involves looking at their overall health, including diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, emotional well-being, and implementing self-care practices.

Fiongal Greenlaw
Yoga Teacher, Tarot Reader And Spiritual Coach

Fiongal is a spiritual coach, Tarot reader, and professional yoga instructor. He founded The Wellness Foundry, a contemporary wellness brand that provides intuitive readings, astrology, spiritual guidance, and teachings. In 2017, he obtained his yoga teacher certification at the Sivananda ashram in Madurai, India. Fiongal combines vinyāsa, hatha, and yin yoga practices to create deeply nourishing and enriching experiences for his students. He has taught yoga to corporate clients such as White Company, The Supper Club, and Crabtree & Evelyn.

Jack Clover
BJJ Brown Belt and Yoga Teacher

Jack Clover has achieved the rank of Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In addition to his BJJ expertise, Jack Clover is also a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher with a 200-hour certification. As an event manager for the Mallorca BJJ & Yoga Festival, Jack Clover is also responsible for organizing and coordinating this annual event. Finally, as a BJJ Globetrotters Camps Yoga Teacher, Jack Clover is involved in teaching yoga to participants in BJJ Globetrotters camps. This has not only allowed him to share his knowledge and expertise with others but has also given him the chance to train and learn with other renowned BJJ instructors from around the world. By immersing himself in this community and being exposed to diverse perspectives and techniques, Jack has been able to expand his own knowledge and expertise in both yoga and BJJ.

Yoga Teacher

Growing up on a farm, Adrian always had an inkling that there was more to life than just dedicating oneself to work. Despite becoming a scientist later on, he felt unfulfilled and yearned for something more. After gaining international experience in his field, he made the decision to undergo a 500-hour yoga teacher training which ultimately transformed his life and values in a profound way. He began to immerse himself in highly energetic places in India and South America, and his passion for spiritual work flourished. In his yoga classes, Adrian adopts a holistic approach, addressing not just the physical body but also our emotional and mental states through breathing techniques and spiritual teachings from renowned figures such as Yogananda, Osho, and Aurobindo. He also holds ecstatic dance sessions that allow people to tap into their creativity and free themselves from their egos, simply enjoying the liberating act of dancing.

Yoga Teacher

Mirjam’s spiritual journey began in childhood, as her parents practiced various forms of yoga and her father introduced her to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. As a young adult, she decided to undertake a Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training, while also pursuing her passion for singing, which began at the age of 9 when she joined a professional choir in Germany. These experiences helped her develop a vision of helping others reconnect with their inner selves. Through her sessions and workshops, Mirjam guides individuals on a path towards rediscovering their inner and outer voices. Her teachings help individuals release emotional blockages and overcome old assumptions about themselves through the transformative power of ancient mantras.

Embodiment Coach

Anne-Christin, an Embodiment Coach, utilizes various techniques such as body movement, posture, intuitive dancing, mindfulness, breathing, art, and Reiki to encourage positive transformation. She aims to help individuals detach from their thoughts and connect with their body and heart. Through group workshops and personalized coaching sessions, Anne-Christin guides individuals to tune into their body, trust their intuition, release emotional blockages, and recognize and transform limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that hinder them from living their fullest potential. This approach is highly effective and brings about beneficial changes and vitality to one’s life.

Other Activites, Seminars, Ceremonies, And Lectures.

Jamill Kelly
Freestyle Wrestler

An American freestyle wrestler by the name of Jamill Kelly, born on October 25, 1977, competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics and achieved a silver medal representing the United States. Presently, Kelly is a member of the coaching staff for the wrestling team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serves as the head coach for the Tar Heel Wrestling Club RTC in Chapel Hill. Kelly has an extensive background in wrestling as a 2004 Silver Medalist, a four-time member of the US National Team, and a two-time World Team Member. During his college years, Kelly competed at Oklahoma State from 1997 to 2000. He was previously employed as an assistant coach for two seasons at Arizona State and coached at Stanford, NC State, Cal Poly, and Harvard. While at Arizona State, he assisted in coaching nine All-America wrestlers, one of whom was a national champion in the 2019 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships (Zahid Valencia, 174lbs.). From 2013 to 2015, Kelly served as the USA Cadet World Team Coach and was a coach for the USA Junior World Team in 2016.

Luke Wills
Wim Hof Method – Oxygen Advantage – Art of Breath

Luke, who was raised in Mallorca by British parents, embarked on a journey of self-improvement that led him to travel the world and train with some of the best trainers in their respective fields. His adventures have taken him to incredible places such as diving in the Andaman Sea, training in Thai boxing for a year in Thailand, and climbing Mt. Sniezka in Poland during the winter wearing nothing but shorts. Through his experiences and training, Luke has learned that we are capable of achieving much more than we realize, and that true health and freedom require mastery of both the mind and body. By incorporating techniques such as breathing, movement, meditation, and reconnection with the natural environment, we can unlock our innate potential for happiness, strength, and wellness.

Artur Paulins
Ice And Breath, Wim Hof-Тrained Еxpert

Artur Paulins, a Swedish native and Wim Hof-trained expert, is a renowned coach who is dedicated to helping individuals worldwide achieve daily calm through the practice of breathwork and ice bath immersions. He firmly believes that access to equanimity, which includes calmness, stillness, and contentment, should be accessible to everyone. Having established himself as an authority in the field of breathwork, Artur has had the privilege of working with prestigious clients such as the United Kingdom Special Forces, Norwegian Royalty, and high-profile celebrities. He has also been featured in prominent publications such as Men’s Health, Esquire, and GQ, and has made numerous appearances on popular television programs like The Russel Howard Hour and The BBC. Artur is a regular presence at major wellness events across the United Kingdom and worldwide. In addition to his breathwork expertise, Artur is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

James Scallon
Wim Hof-Тrained Еxpert

James was so impressed with his first session with Luke that he made sure to attend every subsequent one. During one of these sessions, Luke suggested that James become an instructor himself. Initially unsure about the idea, James asked the universe for a sign. On the final day of the session, the organizer Joe Notebart encouraged James to become an instructor, affirming that it was his true calling. Since completing his teacher training in the frigid Colorado lakes, James has led numerous breathwork and icebathing sessions, honing his skills in a variety of therapeutic breathing techniques. He is excited to return to the MBJJ fest as a guide and lead a Saturday session, bringing the full circle to his journey. James is overjoyed to share the transformative method that has given him so much with all of the festival participants. This festival has shown him the limitless potential that arises from doing what you love.

Gongoro – Gong Bath
Professional Gong Player

Gongoro, a professional gong player hailing from Italy, splits his time between Mallorca and Tulum. He received his training at the Adinadd Art Gong School, which is based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Having completed more than 300 hours of training, Gongoro graduated as a sound therapist of gong in Tulum, under the tutelage of gong master Har Harí. The power of the gong lies in its vibrations, which come from the universe and have the ability to transmit regenerative energy to all the cells of the body through the neutral mind. This universal vibration can aid in the release of old traumas and fears, promoting personal healing. Additionally, it can help individuals connect with their higher self, awaken their intuition, and even develop telepathic abilities. You’re cordially invited to participate in the gong bath every day at 5pm, and experience the transformative power of the gong for yourself.

Petro Kohut
Hidden Trauma Lecturer

For the past 25 years, Petro has been practicing as a manual therapist, initially starting as a Remedial Massage therapist in Australia to help individuals with physical pains and issues. Despite the rewarding nature of his work, Petro felt that it was often inadequate as many of us hold pains and protective holdings/habits that are deeply connected to past traumas.Driven by his desire to be more effective and helpful, Petro added Somatic Experiencing (SE) to his toolbox 8 years ago. SE is a therapeutic, body-centered approach that focuses on releasing and reintegrating the energy of trauma that we store in our bodies. This addition to his practice has revolutionized both his work and his life. During his sessions, Petro covers the basics of how our nervous system functions, the role of the fight/flight/freeze reaction when we are challenged, the importance of our disciplines, practices, resources, and communities for our sense of safety, how and why trauma gets stuck or stored in the body, and the fundamentals of what to do and what to look out for when potential traumas may be developing right in front of us.

Cacao Medicine Guide And Energy Healer

Fiona is an energy healer and an international guide for cacao medicine. Her spaces provide a secure environment for individuals to connect with the profound wisdom that resides within and rediscover their true essence. By using ceremonial cacao, a gentle yet powerful plant medicine, Fiona invites and guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing, helping them to reconnect with their empathy and emotions. Each session provides a moment of stillness for individuals to honor and listen to the wisdom of their hearts and bodies. Fiona’s sessions typically involve a combination of meditation, intentional breathing, intuitive movement, introspection, and deep gratitude. She is committed to learning from Mayan spiritual leaders to honor and respect their traditions associated with this ancient medicine.

Bruno Maroto
Breathwork, Kundalini Awakening, Coach and Personal Consultant

Bruno, a member of Divine Inspiration and originally from Argentina, had his first life-changing experience in Latacunga, Ecuador as a teenager, and has always been in tune with the ancestral knowledge of nature. He has traveled to nearly 100 locations in over 25 countries, immersing himself in various cultures worldwide. Bruno has been training with shamans to consciously utilize ancient remedies and has been guiding individuals in their liberation processes for over a decade. He specializes in breathwork, Kundalini awakening, coaching, and holistic personal consultancy for spiritual transformation. During the festival, Divine Inspiration will be offering excursions to a private villa nearby. Q&A sessions with both Bruno and Carmen will take place at the festival, and transportation will be provided for their sessions at the villa, which include Bufo Alvarius and Kambo.

Carmen Jaguar
Divine Inspiration

Carmen Jaguar was born in Spain with a profound affinity for the spiritual realm and a fascination for philosophy. Following her conventional education, she secured a promising job with prospects for the future, but she felt a sense of emptiness in her life. She transitioned to coaching before discovering ancestral medicines, after which she abandoned her previous lifestyle permanently. Alongside her partner Bruno, Carmen has been sharing these therapies, plants, and teachings of freedom and love, helping people to gain a deep understanding of their true selves for the last five years. Her area of specialization is the dynamics of emotional liberation and the restoration of the body’s natural flow. In her journey, she also uncovered the potential of subtle ancestral resources that facilitate the process of integration and deepening of one’s life experience. Carmen’s passion is to accompany people through attentive listening and a pure gaze, developing the ability to naturally expand consciousness.


Free Diving

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the deep and explore your body’s underwater potential through the art of freediving. Freediving is a practice where one dives underwater without breathing equipment, such as a scuba tank, holding their breath instead. For some, it’s a way of life, for others a competitive sport, and for many, a hobby. Discover Freediving, a 90-120 minute course that includes an academic session and water session, will provide you with a solid foundation in this exhilarating sport. You’ll learn how to descend to a maximum depth of 10 meters on a single breath, which will increase your comfort and confidence underwater, allowing you to spend more time beneath the surface in a relaxed manner. In the theoretical portion of the course, you’ll be introduced to the equipment used in freediving, how to move underwater effectively and calmly, various compensation techniques, and the breathing methods used to stay underwater for longer periods. During the water sessions, you’ll learn how to move underwater with ease and efficiency, all while under the close supervision of your instructor, who will offer you advice and guidance to help you improve quickly and ensure your safety.

The Organizer

Joe Notebaert
Head Instructor at Mallorca BJJ

Joe Notebaert, founder of the Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival and head instructor at Mallorca BJJ, which has locations in Palma and El Toro Mallorca, is a black belt under Cesar Lima, approved by Roger Gracie. He achieved the title of masters world champion in both Purple and Brown belts in 2013/17 and NOGI purple in 2013. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Joe worked in the finance industry before relocating to London in 2008 after the financial crash. He started anew by working as a business travel agent before establishing his own business travel company. In 2016, he moved to Mallorca, and with his background in travel agency, love for BJJ and Yoga, and residing on an island paradise, it only made sense to merge these worlds. Apart from ensuring the smooth operation of the festival during the festival week, Joe also teaches an Intro to BJJ class that is exclusively designed for complete beginners. The class covers the fundamentals of BJJ, what to expect in the first class, objectives, basic positions, and a Q&A session.




Mallorca is the pearl of Spain’s Balearic Islands. The most popular destination in the Mediterranean, Mallorca is known for its beautiful coastline, secluded coves, limestone mountains, Spanish architecture, wineries and fresh produce farms, and stunning beaches.

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