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June 08, 2024

Warwick RAW Open

**Presenting The Warwick RAW Open** RAW Open Tournaments. Brand new competition mats! Luxury medals, High quality photography. Seamless running orders. Everything that a tournament should be, but with added luxury and professionalism. If you want to compete at a professional BJJ tournament without paying the price tag, RAW is the place to go.

For those looking to make a statement The Warwick RAW Open also hosts the second trial event for the hugely anticipated RAW Grappling league. The world’s first professional Grappling League, set to change the world of Professional Jiu Jitsu as we know it.  (anyone can enter the trials)

One winner from each weight category of the qualifying brackets will be awarded a coveted contract to compete in the league, competing at the very top. It’s your shot at  grappling stardom and an opportunity to become the very best at what you do.

The Winchester RAW Open: June 8th, 2024

Location: University of Warwick, Cryfield Village, Leighfield Rd, Coventry CV4 7EU

Doors Open @ 8.00am | Event Starts @ 9am

**20% OFF** Register for both GI & NO-GI together and receive 20% off total registration


The rule set for Gi divisions will follow IBJJF rules regarding point scoring system and technique/submission permissions.

The Rule set for No-Gi will follow the IBJJF point scoring system and rule set at White Belt level. However, from Blue Belt and above, technique and submission permissions will follow the Raw Grappling rule set below- (but the point scoring system will remain IBJJF at all levels)


No-Gi legal & Illegal techniques and submission allowances from Blue Belt and above ONLY:  (please note: white belts and all Gi divisions will follow IBJJF standard rules)


  • Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the windpipe)
  • Any arm bar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
  • Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock
  • Can Opener is allowed
  • Twister is allowed
  • Slamming is allowed if you are locked in a submission. (If your opponent lets go of the submission while you are about to slam you must let go of the slam)


  • Slamming from any form of guard or other position is not allowed. Slamming is only allowed if you are locked in a submission. (If your opponent lets go of the submission while you are about to slam you must let go of the slam)
  • No “Full Nelson”
  • No Neck Crank crucifix
  • No cross face guillotine twisting the chin
  • No neck cranks that trap both shoulders and puts downward pressure on the neck
  • No spiking your opponent on their head while attempting a takedown
  • No striking of any kind
  • No eye gouging or fish hooking
  • No grabbing the ears
  • No hair pulling
  • No holding of less than 4 fingers or less than 5 toes
  • No thumbing
  • No scratching or pinching
  • No punching of any kind
  • No kicking of any kind
  • No biting
  • No squeezing or putting pressure on the groin area

COMPETITOR LISTS: Competitor Lists will be LIVE throughout the registration process and can be viewed by checking out the registrations tab on the event page.

CHANGING DIVISIONS:  You have until the 5th May 2024 to make any changes to your registration. You can make these changes by logging into your account and modifying your registration details. After this change deadline, the registration will become locked in, and there will no further changes allowed.

DIVISION MERGERS: After change deadline, competitors who do not have anyone in their division group may be merged with another division. 1st merge option will be an age merge with the same weight division. If this is not available you will be merged up a weight but not down a weight. Your belt colour will not be merged. All athletes who remain solo in their divisions once brackets are released means had no default merges available to them, and therefore there are no matches available for that competitor. They will receive a full coupon credit for entry to any future event of ours.

KIDS BRACKETS: We will be merging the kids brackets with more available options if needed and will always endeavour to make sure the kids can get some matches. We will look at male/female mergers. Merging within the colour bracket i.e. white and grey/grey/black and grey if necessary also.

REFUND POLICY: We issue refunds for an event registration until the 28th April 2024. After 28th April, there will be no refunds or future credits issued. Refunds and Credits can be issued by logging into your account and cancelling your event registration. All refunds will be given in the way of a Coupon to use for free entry to a future event.

BRACKETS and SCHEDULE: 48 hours prior to the tournament, the event brackets and schedule will be released. You will be able to locate both on the event page brackets and schedule tab. Please make a note of the start time of your first match and make sure you are at the venue At least 60 minutes before you are due to start to ensure you have weighed in and ready to compete.  During the day please keep an eye on your mobile device to make sure you are aware when your next match is and what mat you should be on. Please be at the mat on time for your matches.  You can also tell when your matches are coming up by checking the tab on your mobile during the competition: https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/90-find-out-your-dynamic-starting-time

WEIGH-INS: Takes place on the day of the event. You only need to weigh-in once if competing in more than one division. You can weigh-in anytime from the event opening until 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time. You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or you may be disqualified and removed from the bracket.

MEDALS: RAW gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to all podium finishers.

MEDIC ON HAND: There will be  trained and professional medics on site.

WARM UP MATS: We try our best to always provide a warmup mat area for our competitors during tournaments. Please be aware that in some extreme circumstances this may not be an option so please be prepared to encounter all situations on the day.

TV SCOREBOARDS: A Scoreboard screen will be present at mat side of each mat showing Competitor’s name, team, and flag along with the match’s division and match number.

BEST OVERALL TEAMS and AWARDS: Team standings, points, and medal counts are update live and available to see on the results tab of the event page.

Work Experience:

We are always happy to accept requests to work with the RAW team in setting up the events, table staff and runners. If you are interested in getting some experience of running BJJ events under your belt please contact us on Info@robelevents.co.uk.

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Saturday, June 8
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University of Warwick
Leighfield Rd
Coventry, United Kingdom
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