Unveiling the Austrian BJJ Arena: A Symphony of Skill and Spirit! As February strides into its vibrant second half and March beckons on the horizon, Austria emerges as a battleground for grappling greatness. Join us on this journey as we explore the mats in Vienna, Insbruck, and beyond, witnessing the clash of titans and the rise of new champions. The thrill is palpable, the competition fierce – let’s dive into the heart of Austrian BJJ!




Saturday, February 24
S.C.HAKOAH, Vienna, Austria

Gear up for the 2024 Vienna Jiu Jitsu Championships! Hosted at S.C.Hakoah, Vienna, this event, organized by the American Grappling Federation (AGF), invites grapplers of all ages and belt levels. Expect fierce competition in both Gi and No-Gi divisions as participants vie for victory on February 24th.

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Sunday, February 25
Hiro Gym, Vienna, Austria

Get ready for the ultimate showdown at Rookie Rumble 006! Hosted at Hiro Gym, Vienna, this In-House Grappling Event, in collaboration with Mojitsu Events, welcomes participants of all belt levels for both Gi and No-Gi competitions. The event is divided into the Rookie Rumble Amateur Tournament, offering a platform for amateur grapplers to showcase their skills, and the high-stakes Rookie Rumble Pro Card, featuring elite Austrian grapplers in intense 10-minute EBI rules grappling matches. Don’t miss the action on February 25th!

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Saturday, March 2
BSFZ Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

Embark on a new era of BJJ competition at MOMENTUM 6 – Vienna Open BJJ Gi & No-Gi. Held at BSFZ Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf, Austria, this tournament introduces a fresh championship format, aspiring to become one of Europe’s premier BJJ and grappling events. Featuring 5 spacious mats and adhering to IBJJF rules, MOMENTUM 6 welcomes participants of all ages in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Sunday, March 10
Universitäts-Sportinstitut Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Get ready for the Roots Invitational II, a premier amateur and pro grappling event in Innsbruck, Austria. With an Undercard tournament for amateurs and a Pro Card featuring elite super fights, this March 10th event promises gripping action in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. Don’t miss out!

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Sunday, March 31
Hiro Gym, Vienna, Austria

Mark your calendars for Rookie Rumble 008 at Hiro Gym, Vienna, Austria, on March 31st. This exciting in-house grappling event, hosted by Hiro Gym Vienna and Mojitsu Events, caters to all skill levels with Gi and No-gi divisions. The event features the Amateur Event for aspiring grapplers and the Pro Card, showcasing elite super fights under selected 10-minute EBI rules. Join us for a day filled with thrilling competition!

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As the mats heat up across Austria, the stage is set for an array of thrilling grappling tournaments. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie looking to test your skills, these events offer an opportunity to engage in the vibrant Austrian BJJ community. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting competitions. Until then, roll on and embrace the spirit of Austrian Jiu-Jitsu!


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