Get ready for an exciting month of October filled with top-notch BJJ camps across Europe! From the heart of the United Kingdom to the sunny coasts of Spain and the scenic beauty of Poland, BJJ enthusiasts are in for a treat. These camps promise not only high-quality training sessions but also unique experiences and a chance to learn from world-class instructors. Whether you’re into leglocks, grappling, yoga, or a combination of them all, October has something special in store for every BJJ enthusiast.


Autumn BJJ Camp

Friday, October 13 – Sunday, October 15
Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa, Chatham, United Kingdom

Dive into the inaugural BJJ Autumn Camp featuring exclusive seminars led by renowned black belt instructors like Ross Nicholls, Eoghan O’Flanagan, and Paul McGinty. Held in a social and comfortable environment, this camp guarantees high-quality training paired with a luxurious stay at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel & Spa.

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Leglock Camp Spain

Tuesday, October 17 – Saturday, October 21
Lilius Barnatt, Málaga, Spain

Join the Leglock Camp in Malaga, Spain, for a deep dive into the intricacies of leglocks. Led by esteemed instructors Kamil Wilk and Mateusz Szczecinski, this camp offers comprehensive training sessions that will enhance your leglock game like never before.

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Grappling Camp Zakopane

Thursday, October 19 – Monday, October 23
Zakopane, Poland

Prepare for upcoming championships at the Grappling Camp in Zakopane, Poland. Enjoy 10 intensive training sessions, delicious meals, spa facilities, and a welcoming camp atmosphere. It’s the ideal opportunity to refine your skills and test your form before the big competitions.

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Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2023

Wednesday, October 25 – Monday, October 30
Hotel Gran Melia de Mar, Mallorca, Spain

Dive into a transformative experience at the Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival. Held at the stunning Hotel Gran Melia de Mar, this festival offers 5 days of BJJ seminars by legends like Roger Gracie and Mauricio Gomes, combined with rejuvenating yoga classes. Immerse yourself in a blend of wellness, relaxation, and top-tier martial arts training by the Mediterranean Sea.

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October is shaping up to be a month of intense learning, holistic wellness, and unforgettable experiences for BJJ practitioners. Whether you’re a leglock enthusiast or someone looking to balance BJJ with yoga, these camps offer a unique opportunity to enhance your skills while indulging in a diverse range of activities. Don’t miss the chance to be part of these exclusive events, where passion for BJJ meets expert guidance in picturesque settings. Secure your spot, and let the October BJJ adventure begin!

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